This morning is the Los Angeles National Brain Tumor Society walk, and my local friends and I are, of course, walking in memory of Jackie. Our team name is Fighting on For Jackie and it’s an honor to continue to raise money and awareness for the cause she was so passionate about. I miss her so much, but I know I’ll feel a little closer to her during the walk around our college campus.

Good Reads

Two excellent pieces this week:

~What Racism Does To The Young

~This Is Why We Vote

~There’s also this piece at BuzzFeed that Mike and I both contributed to on the very complicated question of what you tell your kids about tragedies in the media. What do you tell your kids?

Around The ‘Net 

~Cheri Oteri tries out for the Chicago Bulls’ dance team the Luvabulls and it’s amazing. AMAZING.

~Three-hundred-thirty people paid it forward at a Florida Starbucks. I love it!

~This lake is so clear it looks like you’re floating on air. I want to go to there.

~The Sports Illustrated Cover curse may have affected Mo’ne, but I still think it’s AWESOME that she’s on the cover.

~I think it’s fascinating to know what women earn for different jobs.

Last-Minute School Stuff

~These bags are beautiful, and a portion of the proceeds go back to the artisans who made them.

~The Splendid for Stride Rite shoes are so flipping cute. These are my favorites for boys, and Annie told me these are beautiful because “rainbows.” (I personally like these for the easy on/easy off aspect).

Shower Style

~I love “window shopping” (aka looking at pinterest) for dresses on the internet, and my cousin Leah’s upcoming shower is my latest excuse to dress daydream. I’ll likely wear this gorgeous multi-colored dress (now on sale!) I got from Mike for my birthday, but I still like to look!

rainbow dress

In my birthday dress.

This yellow skater dress is fun for a brunch, and this shift is classically pretty and looks very figure-flattering, as does this faux wrap dress.

~I’m a sucker for initial jewelry and I like the idea of wearing the initials of my family somewhere on me when I go to wedding and baby showers! I love all these tiny initial earrings, I think I need to order some for myself and some for Leah!

In Case You Missed It

~Another week, another chance to leave comments and shares for vaccines!

~I’m running a cute toddler feeding prize pack giveaway here!

Happy Sunday, everyone!