Last week, after we went to the observatory, we went to visit my brother’s new puppy. The kids obviously are very comfortable with dogs, but they’ve never been around a puppy before. Annabel loved how playful Yoshi is (Rigby, at almost 11, is more of a cuddler), and had a blast throwing things for him to fetch. James, on the other hand, was simultaneously delighted/terrified by Yoshi…probably because all Yoshi wanted to do was lick his face, and James was not about that life.

Getting a non-blurry picture of a puppy and a two-year-old with an iPhone cannot be done.

James did, however, enjoy chasing Yoshi around in circles, so I think the two of them will have a wonderful life together.

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~Annabel starts Kindergarten this week! I can’t believe it’s finally here. We found out that she is officially in a Kindergarten/First Grade combination class, and I’m very happy about it. I think she’ll thrive with so many older role models, plus there are only seven other Kindergarteners so she’s going to get a lot more focused attention. So excited for this Kindergarten milestone – I’ve been waiting a long time for this!

~Annabel has also been waiting a long time for school to start (“summer is just sooooo lonnnnng!”), but she’s finally picked out everything for her first day. After a lot of back and forth, she settled on a Frozen backpack (no surprise), an owl lunch bag, and a skirt/vest/boots combination that I cannot talk her out of (it’s cute, but I think she’ll find the boots hard to play in…she’ll just have to discover that for herself). Can’t wait to get those first day pictures.

~P.S. 30% off at Old Navy today with code SPEEDY. Just stocked up on t-shirts for all of us!

Shot at Life

~I don’t even know what to say about how AMAZING you all have been with commenting on my Shot at Life post. As of this time last week, we were at 2,400 total vaccines from this blog, and today we have donated more than SIX THOUSAND. That’s more than twice the goal of 3,000 I set for this blog, and there’s still eight days left in August! Some of you have been serious commenting warriors, and I really cannot thank you enough. I feel so lucky to have you all in my life.

Happy Sunday, everyone!