This has felt like the longest summer ever, so it’s hard to believe that my kids start school on Wednesday. They’re not exactly…excited…about starting the term with distance learning, so Mike and I have been trying to hype them up a bit. Annie is mourning some of the fifth-grade traditions that normally come at the beginning of the year (at their school, fifth graders are the oldest), which breaks my heart. I hate not being able to “fix” things for my kids. Mike and I took them to Target yesterday to pick out their school supplies. It wasn’t quite as exciting as school supply shopping normally is, but they got into it. James said it felt, “almost normal,” and Annie added, “as normal as shopping with a mask on can be.”

I finally made him a mask, we had a hard time finding one to fit him!

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Special Delivery

Did you know that the USPS sells things other than stamps and mail supplies? They actually have some really cool stuff. I’m planning on picking up this mail carrier costume for Schuyler because it’s so hilarious. They also have tote bags and ornaments and this cute little toy car. And if you know a philatelist, they sell framed stamps!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there.