We’re still wrapped up in the Olympics here. Annabel wants to go to the Olympics in every sport we watch (swimming, gymnastics, handball, soccer, etc), so I’m glad she’s inspired – especially since she’s in swimming and soccer right now. Her swim coach told me on Friday that all her kids have been extra-focused since the Olympics started, which is so cool. Annie is totally obsessed with Simone Manuel and Katie Ledecky, but she thinks, “That butterfly stroke Michael Phelps does is pretty cool,” too. Swimming ends for the kids this week, although I might look into continuing through the fall if I think the kids can handle it on top of school and soccer. Speaking of soccer, we’ve spent just about every evening practicing soccer skills. I love the late summer light.

soccer nights

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Potty Talk

So…I need some advice. I might know a kid who is fully potty trained but refuses to go on any toilets other than the kid potty he learned on. Like, flat-out won’t sit on a regular toilet, even a kid-sized regular toilet in a preschool classroom. So….for those of you who potty trained on a kid-potty, how did you switch your kid to a regular toilet? This needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP!

Shot@Life update

As usual, you guys are blowing me away! After two weeks, we’re responsible for over 5,800 vaccines on the blog, and over 5,200 on Facebook. Holy cow, you guys! We still have 17 more days of August!!! Keep it up, rock stars.

YouTube Red Winners

I asked Annabel and James to pick numbers between 1 and 91, and they chose:

47 Shelly
30 Meghan Carr
50 Rachael
88 Ana
91 Melissa

Congrats! You all won 6-month subscriptions toYouTube Red! Look for an email from me soon.

Happy Sunday, everyone!