This weekend has been dedicated to keeping my mind as busy as possible. We spent time with friends, had an at-home movie theatre, did some massive cleaning and purging, and threw myself into planning two upcoming parties. I’ll let myself slow down later today, but for now busy is my middle name.

Good Reads

~Eden is one of my favorite writers. This piece about addiction and Peaches Geldof hit me right in the gut.

~LOVE this post by Liz about how the world has changed since we were kids. I think about this a LOT. It makes me sad.

~Helen Jane has a way with words. This post about her mother’s gift of tears is beautiful.

Around The ‘Net

~I’ve been pronouncing Ikea wrong all this time. Everything I know is a lie.

~Samuel Beckett quotes over pictures of kittens…somehow, it makes perfect sense.

~I don’t use Facebook Messenger, but I definitely won’t start after reading the crazy terms of service. Realistically, these are broad for simple reasons (so you can use voice commands, attach pictures to contacts, etc.), but the way they’re worded really gives me pause.

~Awesome cruise souvenirs. I really want that hat.

~I’m a person on the internet, and even I forget sometimes that everyone on the internet is an actual person.

~I hate Kidz Bop.

Fancy Footwork

~Annie has to wear closed-toe shoes to school, so the hunt is on for kicks. She will definitely wear the tulle shoes I made her, but I need to get her a pair that don’t have laces. I narrowed it down to these four and I’m letting her pick:

The image is clickable!

~BTW Gap/Gap Kids/Baby Gap has a HUUUGE sale going on until tomorrow, 35% off regular priced items with code BTSAVE.

~Unlike Annie, I have no rules about footwear. I kind of love these winged sandals, although I don’t know if I can pull them off!

Weddings, Weddings

~One of the parties I’m currently planning is my cousin’s wedding shower. We just finalized these beautiful invitations (thank you, Minted!), here’s a little preview:

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.24.28 AM

~I’ve come across some really pretty wedding shower gift ideas on Etsy. This vase with the wedding date engraved on the side is classically pretty. An “Advice For The Bride” book would make a fun keepsake. This engraved ring box is gorgeous. The carved initials in this vase remind me of initials in a tree trunk (in the best possible way). I also really like this personalized bracelet set.

Happy Sunday, everyone!