We Spohrs are heading back to our house after spending several days with Mike’s family. The kids have had an absolutely amazing time with their grandparents, getting tons of affection and conversation and, of course, the kind of treats only grandparents can provide. We’re hitting the road soon and I have a feeling both kids will cry when it’s time to say goodbye. The good news is that Mike’s parents will be down in LA to visit us in August, so the separation won’t be for too long!

Around The Net

~Last week I showed you cute kittens, this week it’s babies with their big dogs (I don’t love the pictures of the kids riding the dogs but I am assuming the owners know what their dogs will tolerate).

~My friend Leslie and I are obsessed with SkyMall, so this article on what your SkyMall purchase says about you made me laugh.

~This fruit tree has forty kinds of fruit growing on it. Seriously! I want one.

~These photos of children playing around the world are breathtaking.

~The real story behind the viral, “We still coming” text. Still a good story!

~My latest for Babble, about electronics at the restaurant table. With all the eating out we did over the last five days with Mike’s family, I only had to bust out the electronics once (for James, and I just played a quiet song to calm him), but I was very happy to have the option.

School Stuff

~My local craft store already has pumpkin stuff out. PUMPKIN STUFF! Ugh. Not ready. I am getting some of Annie’s school supplies. She is SO excited to go back to school and I’m trying to keep it that way…although she doesn’t go back for five weeks so it’s going to be hard to sustain this level of enthusiasm. Last year I bought her a Yumbox (available here or here) and it was the best thing EVER. They have multiple leak-proof compartments, so I could give her yogurt and fruit and not worry about it spilling all over everything. I also liked that it let me give her a bunch of different foods without using plastic bags and creating waste.

~Annie will be using the same Yumbox in Pre-K but she’s angling for a new insulated carrying case. Last year she had Lalaloopsy, this year she told me she wants, “Something big girls use.” We went down the lunchbox aisle at Target and she actually passed up a Frozen lunch bag. I said to her, “Are you sure you don’t want a Frozen lunch bag?” And she replied, “Yeah, ’cause everyone else will have one.” Well okay then. I don’t anticipate this attitude lasting, although I just showed her the lunch bags listed on Target’s World Wide Website and she flipped over an R2D2 kit. Hahaha

Travelin’ Spohrs

~A lot of you asked about the bed the kids were laying in in last Friday’s daily photo. It’s a toddler inflatable travel bed and it’s pretty cool. Full disclosure, I got ours to review for a travel gear roundup on Babble, but if I’d had to return it after review I definitely would have bought one to keep. Annie’s room is also our guest room, so we use this blow-up bed whenever she’s displaced into our room by guests (we have hardwood floors that would be uncomfortable to sleep on). It’s great in hotel rooms and, of course, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

bed buddies

~After I wrote about the Noggle a few weeks ago, my mom immediately ordered one for James. I have to say, it’s pretty great. James used to cry when we got in our hot car (I wanted to, too), but the Noggle has really helped him cool down without the tears. Thanks, Mom!

No Ironing!

~I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t mind ironing, but Mike absolutely hates it. This weekend I went by the Nordstrom sale and picked up a couple of those “no-iron” shirts for him while they are on sale. If you hate ironing, you should check them out. They’re great!

Happy Sunday, everyone!