We are potty training James this weekend. It’s something I’ve been dreading for months…James is incredibly stubborn. We’re using the same Three-Day Method that worked for Annabel. Day one was pretty successful, even with James’ determination to hold it as long as possible. In the meantime, Annabel is staying with my parents so we can give all of our attention to James. Annie is LIVING THE LIFE over there. Yesterday she not only had my parents all to herself, but Leah, Ted, and Liam came out to visit so she got to play with her favorite baby. She told my mom it was the best day ever and wants to stay there for “lots of days.” THANKS ANNIE. LOL.

annie and liam

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Pet Sounds

~Mike’s company had a special showing of The Secret Life of Pets last week, so I brought the kids down to a big theater near his office to watch. It is a very cute movie, very entertaining. I always like when a movie throws in a few jokes for the adults! The voice actors are all “face” actors, like Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, and Kevin Hart. I did get a little teary during the owner/dog scenes…I miss my Rigby so much.

Cool Things

~Reader Jen and her husband make the most AMAZING household items out of pewter. Seriously, just look. I want everything!
~I didn’t want to use a kid potty for James (I didn’t want one more thing to clean), but a few different things lead me to getting him one anyway. Since he’s so musically oriented, I found one that plays music when it’s…you know, filled with liquid. He LOVES it.
~We were at Target a few days ago and they already have their back-to-school stuff out (boo). Annabel said, “I think I’ll look at the backpacks,” and when I reminded her that she had a fairly new one (the one she started the year with broke in February), she said, “I want a new expression for school this year.” She said she wasn’t sure what expression she wanted, but “I’m thinking about one of these emoji backpacks. Emojis will be big this year.” Oooookay.

Happy Sunday, everyone!