I had a wonderful time yesterday celebrating my birthday, but nothing could top my happiness over the Supreme Court’s decision to make same sex marriage legal in all 50 states. I woke up before the kids to watch the news coverage, and when Annabel eventually joined me I explained to her what happened. She seemed confused, so I asked her if she had any questions. “Yeah…people couldn’t always marry who they love? That’s crazy.” I told her a bit about the civil rights changes that have happened in her grandparents’ lifetimes, including Loving vs. Virginia (Interracial Marriage). I think I blew her mind a bit, but she asked a lot of questions and seemed to absorb it all. Then she said, “Wait…I can still marry Georgie, right?” Yep.

Annabel with her Uncles
Love this picture of Annabel with her uncles

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~Excited to celebrate the Fourth of July next weekend. I’ve been working on an article on where to see fireworks in LA (for my job at Mommy Nearest) and it has me excited for the festivities. I love Fireworks and I’m making sure I pass that love on to my kids, too. We had fun picking out silly red, white, and blue stuff at Target (who doesn’t like pinwheels and light-up glasses), but I was startled to find a big box of fireworks for sale in our store! I know they aren’t very powerful, but since fireworks aren’t sold where we live I was still pretty surprised. I didn’t buy them (because James) but it was verrrry tempting.

Inside Outside

~Unsurprisingly, my kids are both excited about the Inside Out merchandise out there. I have to say, a lot of it is cute and clever. Annabel has the “Box of Mixed Emotions” book set and it’s so cute – I definitely recommend it. Yesterday, we came across a bunch of plush characters from the movie, which were cute and all, but you guys. The Bing Bong plush? Is cotton candy scented. My kids were like, “oh, that’s cool,” but Mike and I were like, “OMG THIS IS AMAZING WE SHOULD GET IT WHY AREN’T YOU GUYS IMPRESSED BY THIS!” We didn’t get it, though, and I am regretting it. I mean, it smells like cotton candy.

Happy Sunday, everyone!