It was my birthday yesterday, I’m officially 41! Mike and the kids put together a great quarantine birthday for me with thoughtful presents, delicious food, and lots of love and attention. I heard from my family and tons of friends, and felt very loved and special. We all know I LOVE gifts, but getting those sweet, funny, loving messages and calls from people felt especially nice in this time of distance and separation. Here’s hoping these next 365 days are better and happier for everyone!

I barely look a day over 10.

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Fun Finds

~I got a bike for my birthday, so I can now go on bike rides with the kids! I’m looking for a basket for the handlebars. Does anyone have a basket they like? I’m overwhelmed by the options!
~Mike has really been into cooking since our quarantine started, so the kids and I gave him an air fryer for Father’s Day. I’m just mad we didn’t get one sooner.
~My friend Kristen wrote a book that I highly recommend! Check it out!

Happy Sunday, everyone!