Happy second day of Summer (or Winter, depending on which hemisphere you’re in). Somehow it feels like the weekend days go even faster at this time of year. Probably because the kids just can’t get enough of Mike! That works out well for me on my Sunday mornings, but not so well for him on Saturdays…they don’t want to leave him alone. I think the weekends should be three days long in the summer…can someone get on that, please?

Good Reads:

~My brother wrote about Pixar’s next film, Inside Out. The main character is a sports-playing, non-royal girl. According to my brother, the first five minutes of the film emotionally rival Up. Soooooo I will be bringing tissues. It sounds really promising and I wish it was coming out this summer instead of next. Still, I can’t wait to take my kids to it. Oh ALSO AMY POEHLER IS IN IT.

~I downloaded The Fault In Our Stars since so many of you recommended it, but I haven’t started it yet. This article, written by a cancer survivor, has convinced me it’s time to crack open the…iPhone Kindle app.

Around The Net:

~For every pair of these leggings that are sold, another pair is donated to a child in need.

~I have a rag-tag collection of liquor, thanks to the drink tutorials I put together (I have one coming this week!). This cocktail builder site is a good way to use what you already have (the cheap side of me loves this!).

~This experiment on gum chewing is fascinating, and definitely did not turn out how I expected.

~Apparently Birkenstocks are back. I wore Birks all through junior high…I also wore baby doll dresses then, and apparently THOSE ARE ALSO BACK (pretty sure I had a dress exactly like that one, but from Miller’s Outpost). Super-excited for the return of ponchos and grunge flannel, because that stuff was comfy as hell.

Heather’s Geezer Tour:

~Speaking of things that are back, last week, Mike and I saw a mini-concert of Queen + Adam Lambert. I am a HUGE Queen fan (Queen – Greatest Hits was the soundtrack for many family road trips), but can honestly say I haven’t thought about Adam Lambert since the day he lost American Idol. When Mike told me he would be singing with Queen, I wasn’t sure what I thought of that. At all. I have to say, I was SO pleasantly surprised. The greasy-haired American Idol contestant is all grown up. He, Brian May, and Roger Taylor put on a very dynamic show that was both incredibly respectful of Freddie Mercury while still feeling fresh. The band has removed a lot of the disco-undertones of their music and made everything rock a lot harder. I think Freddie would be very pleased.

Queen + Adam Lambert

You can watch the concert we went to here.

Win Stuff:

~My friend Morgan is running an amazing raffle to benefit Postpartum Progress,  a nonprofit that exists to improve the support and services for pregnant & new mothers with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

~I have a giveaway running right now for a sippy cup prize pack. I actually have a few fun giveaways coming up (there’s another one this week!) so stay tuned.

Birthday Week! 

~My birthday is on Friday, and I don’t have anything planned. I told one of my friends last week that James’ birthday will always win when it comes to big parties. That being said, I’m hoping for a nice day where my kids are in good moods and I get a nice meal. Also presents

Happy Sunday!