This morning, Mike slept in while the kids and I wrapped his presents and made him breakfast. We might have set off the smoke alarm, but Mike was a good sport about it. Later, we’re going to hit up a BBQ place and celebrate the day with family. I am so thankful I have such an amazing partner in this life, helping me raise these crazy kids of ours. My kids are so lucky to have a dad who loves them so much. And I’m lucky to have an amazing dad myself! Happy Father’s Day, and hugs to those who need them today.

Father's Day 2015

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Mad Men Withdrawals

~If you’re going through Mad Men withdrawals like I am (or even if you’re not), you should look at this tumblr, Mad Men With Things Drawn On Them. Every one of them cracks me up. And if the pictures weren’t funny enough, the categories each drawing is filed under is hilarious, too.

Somebody To Lava

~We saw Inside Out on Friday and we all absolutely loved it – even James! I’ll probably write about it this week because I have a lot to say about it, but the one thing I want to talk about now is the short that played before the movie, Lava. It was beautiful to look at (and didn’t help with my longing to go back to Hawaii), but it was also very moving and made me cry – and I wasn’t expecting to cry BEFORE Inside Out! Annabel and I were so obsessed with the song that we downloaded it on iTunes (and we’ve already listened to it like 50 times).

Birthday Girl

~My birthday is next Saturday! I’m not sure what we’ll do. My brother is going to a wedding that day, my cousin is at a bachelorette party, and a lot of my friends will be out-of-town. The life of a summer birthday! We’d thought about going to Catalina for the weekend, but we can’t quite make it work with our schedules. So, maybe Mike, the kids, and I will hit the beach, or go to a movie, and then have a fun dinner out! Birthdays are low-key for me in my advanced age

~My mom has been after me to give her gift ideas. I’ve been looking for a few things I could wear to work meetings, since most of my clothes are work-from-home casual (like, yoga pants). This dress is very pretty (and on sale!), and this skirt is nice, too. I like that this dress could be casual or dressy. I think this ring is gorgeous, and it’s a pearl, my birthstone! Does anyone have those Birkenstock sandals that are all the rage? I haven’t had a pair of Birks since I was in middle school, but these look pretty comfortable.

Happy Sunday, everyone!