Happy Father’s Day! This morning Annie jumped on our bed, excited to sing a song for Mike that she’d made up. She’d been very insistent that she give her dad clothes for Father’s Day, so I took her to Target and let her pick. She said originally that she wanted to get him work clothes, but the siren call of novelty clothing was too great. She picked out a Superman logo shirt and Batman pajama pants, and was insisting on getting him pajama pants with My Little Ponies on them (Bronies?) until I reminded her to keep her eye on the prize. She finally reigned it in and picked out a nice button down shirt. Obviously, Mike will have to wear his Superman shirt under the button down. It’s the law. Happy Father’s Day to my own dad, and happy day to my wonderful husband. I love you!

Speaking of My Husband

~With all the excitement that went with Annie’s last week of school, I forgot to mention that Mike was on Access Hollywood Live! And I know what you’re going to ask – Mike is six feet three inches tall.

~Also for Father’s Day, I got Mike this snow cone machine, plus all the flavors I think go into his favorite shave ice from Hawai’i (the Haleakala, for those of you who’ve been there), and of course, regular snow cone/shave ice syrup, cones and spoon straws. I also ordered sugar-free syrup. It might not be exactly like Ululani’s, but we’ll have fun trying (Annie, of course, is over-the-moon excited about this)!

Around The ‘Net

~Some awesome Amy Poehler quotes from BookCon. I already pre-ordered her book, even though it doesn’t come out until the end of October!

~Sir Mix A Lot raps “Baby Got Back” with a full orchestra. It made me feel weird.

~I posted this on Facebook and Instagram, but this video of a girl falling on the ice behind a live sports broadcast is OMG HAHA. It’s okay to laugh – the news crew found the girl and not only was she fine, but she was laughing about it, too. Maybe don’t wear heels on the ice…ever.

Future Stylist

~Gap is having a big sale, so on our shopping trips (so many birthdays lately!) I let Annie pick out something for herself and for James. She picked this cute grey dress for herself, and this jellyfish onesie for James (I told her this one was more appropriate but she could not be persuaded). I also grabbed her these jelly sandals in clear because they remind me of when she was smaller and she called them her “Cinderella Shoes.”

Good For Summer

~Annie starts swim lessons tomorrow bright and early. To avoid looking completely bedraggled every morning at the pool, I use this dry shampoo. It keeps me from looking like I dipped my head in an oil slick. I’ve tried lots of dry shampoos over the years, and this one is amazing – no residue or white flakes. For best results, spray dry shampoo on your head at night before you go to sleep. That gives the shampoo time to work into your scalp and absorb the oil. Of course, that requires a level of planning ahead that I rarely possess, but it’s a good tip to know!

Dragon Training

~Last weekend the four of us (James, too!) went to a screening of How To Train Your Dragon 2. It was in 3D, and even James wore glasses.


We all really enjoyed it! Annie says it’s her new favorite movie, and went nuts during the dragon flying scenes. James sat still during the entire movie, which I think is a pretty stellar review. Mike says, “it was one of the more entertaining children’s films for parents that I’ve seen in a while,” and I thought the movie was beautiful (the animation is stunning). The message behind it is good, too.

Happy Sunday, everyone!