This morning Mike and I are dealing with some post-party exhaustion. Even James and Annie slept in, until NINE AM. This is a true miracle and almost makes me want to throw a party every weekend. I can’t wait to go through all of the pictures today. PS Did you enter my giveaway?

Birthday Boy!

Good Reads

~These parent truisms about the end of the year and summer made me laugh. Annie’s last day of school is Thursday!

~I also have a box of seemingly random life tokens…I never thought about what someone else would think if they came across it. I think it’s time I went through it.

Birthday Boy

~James received some AMAZING gifts from our dear friends and family. In fact, we’re still opening presents slowly because I think he’s a little overwhelmed by all the new stuff that hasn’t been pre-slobbered on by his sisters! So far he’s a big fan of this peek a boo barn, this fire truck (picked out by Annie!), and these Duplo blocks. Unsurprisingly, Annie is also having fun playing with all of his new toys.

~He got some great clothes, too. This shirt and shorts set from Peek is adorable, these pants are going to be favorites, and I laughed and laughed that everyone who gave James a hat knew to get him a giant one! He got this one in a 2T-5T and it fits perfectly.

~I ordered his First Year Frame to match his sisters’ frames. I can’t wait to fill it up with his monthly pics.


~Cannot. Stop. Laughing. at this modern dance troupe led by a baby.


Wedding Season

~Now that James’ birthday is over, I’m turning my focus to my cousin Leah’s wedding! We’ve got a summer full of activities leading up to her big day in October. I LOVE this bracelet, which I think is technically intended for the bride to give to the maid of honor, but I think works just as well the other way around.

~I might have to give this to her, too.

Birthday Month

~My birthday is at the end of the month! I wouldn’t be sad if I got a bunch of nice summer dresses like this one, or this one…or this one.

~You can engrave whatever you want on this necklace, although I think the “Follow Your Heart” sentiment would be a lovely gift for a new graduate.

Happy Sunday, everyone!