Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We’ve been laying low, enjoying the last few days of having a two-year-old in the house. Tomorrow James turns three, and we’re going to have a fun family celebration (his party is next weekend). It will be a day full of his favorite things: balloons, Chuck E. Cheese, and sugar. I love this crazy little boy, it’s going to be fun to make his birthday awesome.

crazy jamesie

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What Even

You guys, did you know that babies are influential now? 20 Under 1 to Watch: Our hot list of 20 influential NYC babies is a real article on the real internet where parents were asked, What’s one thing you hope never changes about your little one? and parents responded with gems like “Sailor is incredibly caring with empathy beyond her years.” and “Lennox’s default position towards the world is one of elated enthusiasm.” You are talking about babies, slow your roll. The site that posted this (and the article is somehow promoting a stroller, oooookay) says that the article isn’t satire, but that the parents don’t take themselves too seriously. No. A not-too-serious answer would be, “I hope little Thyme always drools like no one is watching,” not, “I hope Myles continues to thirst for knowledge.” Stop the world, I want to get off.

What Three-Year-Olds Play With

James is getting some fun toys tomorrow, I’m excited to see how he turns them into weapons.

~My parents got him a Sit & Spin (remember those?). I will require him to wear a helmet when he uses it.
~I’m hoping this computer will curb his desire to touch mine (I can dream).
~I’m hoping this soccer set exhausts both kids I MEAN turns them into soccer stars.
~My mom really wanted to get James these inflatable gloves and punching bag, but my dad and I rightly pointed out that James doesn’t need to a) be encouraged to hit things and b) get stronger.

Memorial Sales

Tons of great sales this weekend!

~Anthropologie: Additional 30% off all sale items
~Asos: Extra 20% Off with code: HISUMMER
~Banana Republic: 40% Off purchase with code: BRTAKE40
~Bloomingdales: An extra 20% off select sale & clearance items with code: BROWNBAG
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~GAP: 35% off with code: EVENT
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~Minted: 15% Off All Wedding and Kids’ Essentials with code: MEMORIAL16
~Nordstrom: up to 40% Off
~Old Navy: Extra 50% All Tees, Tanks, Swim, Shorts
~Rent the Runway: $30 off your first rental

Never Forgotten

We are especially thankful to those who have given their lives for this country. We remember you tomorrow, and are grateful always.

Happy Sunday, everyone!