James was a little hesitant toward Liam during the last two months, but this weekend we had a breakthrough. I think it’s partly because Liam is much more alert and is smiling and squealing now, and also because James has realized that Liam isn’t going anywhere. Instead of giving Liam a wiiiiiide berth, he now wants to sit right next to whoever is holding him. He’ll also hold up toys and say, “Look, Baby Liam!” It’s going to be so cute to see these two grow up together.

best bros

Especially once James teaches Liam the art of sticking out your tongue.

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For The Dads

Father’s Day is in a month! Mike is hard to buy for, so I’ve already started looking around and I’ve found some cool things.

~A wind-inflated lounger. I 100% want this for myself!
~This mini-polaroid will actually make the kids sit still and smile (ok maybe not).
~These awesome meat-shredding claws that will make dad a beast.
~A heated Shiatsu back, neck, and foot massager that I wouldn’t mind getting for my birthday, tbh.


Mike and I are big fans of the show Nashville, so we were bummed when it got canceled by ABC last week. The production company responsible for the show, Lionsgate, is trying to find another home for the series and we hope they succeed. I just love, love, love the music that the show puts out every week and I’m so sad that it might stop. Mike and I even went to a concert that the cast put on last year, and it was amazing. They are all SO talented:


The show really needs to find a new home, because it would be a tragedy to not have Tami Taylor Rayna James Connie Britton (and her hair) on my TV every week.

Happy Sunday, everyone!