The March for Maddie yesterday was a big success. The kids are still recovering from waking up so early, or as Annabel said, “While it was still night time.” Like their mama, they are not morning people. This week starts the beginning of a very busy month for us, leading up to Annabel finishing school the first week of June. I am so ready for it to be summer!

Around The ‘Net

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~Mitch Harris, former Navy officer, called up by Cardinals to join bullpen Cool story! In his debut last night, he pitched 1 1/3 scoreless innings.


~Several of you have asked about the bubble machine I got the kids. We actually have two bubble machines. This one, the creative motion machine, has an a.c. adaptor, which I thought was such a great idea because then I wouldn’t have to use a ton of batteries. It’s a great machine but I was limited by where I could plug it in. A couple weeks ago, I bought the fantasia party bubble machine, and this one is fun because it lights up and spins – but it runs on a million (okay, AA batteries. We’ll use both of them at James’ birthday party at the end of May.

workin' the bubble machine
James takes bubbles very seriously.

More For Mom

A few more gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

~This flower mandala coloring book (yes!) for adults is gorgeous. Coloring is a great way to relax! Get her colored pencils, too.

~I kind of want this personalized mixtape doormat.

~Thumb pianos! So cool!

~A pretty yarn bowl is a great gift for the knitting mom or grandma.

~Digital polaroids are neat.

~These wraps are really pretty.

Happy Sunday, everyone!