Happy Easter, everyone! We’re celebrating on the road this year, but luckily the Easter Bunny still found us. The kids had small baskets, and there were about fifty eggs hidden in our hotel room (including cascarones!). Soon we’ll hit up a spring training baseball game, and tonight we’ll have a great dinner with Mike’s family. I hope you all are having a wonderful day!


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Current Obsessions

~James was absolutely obsessed with flip flops last summer – like, he loved them so much he’d never take them off, even to sleep or swim. I almost hesitated to get them for him this year, but when he saw them he was SO happy. “My flops!” And good news: he’ll actually take them off when appropriate. He’s growin’ up.
~Old Navy also has great MLB shirts for a fraction of the cost you’d find at the stadium. I stocked up on Dodger gear for me and the kids!
~This snore shield is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on Amazon.

More Meditation

~I’ve been trying to manage my anxiety lately, and my doctor suggested trying the Headspace app, which is for meditation. Have any of you tried it? Or anything like it? I’d love relaxation suggestions!

Marching On

~And here’s your friendly reminder to support our March for Babies team. The march is just a month away (I’m starting to get nervous about my speech)!