I am still on cloud nine. Even though I’ve been at the birth of a baby before (my friend Meghan for her sweet Oliver), it was such a different experience to be there for the birth of a new family member! I am happy with my c-sections but they were SO different – I couldn’t see anything happening, Mike was only briefly allowed in the room with me, and I physically was not in great shape. Plus, I spend so much time in the prematurity space that it’s good for me to have moments like the births of Oliver and Liam to remind me that birth can also go really right.

It’s so nice to have a new baby in the family – especially one that I didn’t have to get pregnant for! They left the hospital yesterday and they’re starting to settle into home life. He’s such a little cutie pie, I just want to snuggle him for hours. I can’t wait for my kids to meet him, although it might be a while because they are getting over colds.

little liam

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Current Obsessions

~This awesome instructional photography book kickstarter from cool blog reader Lena. It’s almost funded!
~Stitch Fix has shoes now. This is very bad for my wallet, but my feet are thrilled.
~Annabel and James cannot get enough of Beanboozled. They shriek with laughter every time one of them gets a gross flavor…which seriously feels like every time, kids are weird. they’ve managed to get Mike to play it with them a couple times. I’m not into barf-flavored jelly beans, but I love how much it makes them laugh.


~The company I work for, Mommy Nearest, just relaunched our website and app with new designs and features. We’ve been working really hard on it (especially the IT and designers) and we’re really proud of it! We’re also about to start editorial content in news cities (Houston, South Florida, and Atlanta), so check us out!

Marching On

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