Last week we got a letter home letting us know that Annabel was going to receive an award at her school’s monthly assembly. On Friday, we snuck into the back of the school’s auditorium to watch her get called onto the stage in front of all the lower grades. The Principal, when giving the award, said, “This student is receiving the Academic Achievement Award in Science. She’s curious and loves to learn about how things work, and isn’t afraid to ask questions.” Such a perfect description of Annabel! She was SO surprised and proud of herself, she kept saying, “I did it! I won an award!” She’s told everyone we’ve come into contact with since then that she won an award for “being smart.” I know that, as kids get older, they feel a lot of pressure to downplay their smarts for fear of being labeled “a nerd,” so we’re trying to encourage this brain pride as much as we can.


I’m so proud of her!

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On Coming Alive

~I love this project that Lexi Behrndt has on her site. People from all over share how they have survived all sorts of losses. Of course, I identify with the entries about child loss (like Michelle’s and Anna’s), but there are also stories of losing siblings, parents, and spouses. The essays show the commonalities of grief, and the strength of survival.

Currently Obsessed With

~Pillowfort, Target’s new bedroom collection for kiddos, is SO CUTE. I am picking up this Unicorn Head for Annabel this morning, and I think James needs this Car shelf in his room…and I’ll probably pick up some of their outer space stuff for my cousin’s nursery. I want all of it! Good job, Target.
~This (slightly vulgar) etsy shop makes me giggle. I need the “I can’t adult today” print in my office!
~Peek’s Spring Training collection is, as usual, adorable this year. I ordered James the Mr. Baseball shirt, while Annie picked the “Let’s Go” tee. They’re our yearly spring training splurge!

Marching On

~And here’s your friendly reminder to support our March for Babies team. On Thursday, I spoke at the official Kick Off for the 2016 LA March, where I emphasized the important work that March of Dimes does for families with ill and premature babies. It’s an honor to speak on behalf of families who’ve been touched by prematurity.

Happy Sunday, everyone!