Happy Valentine’s Day! The kids had Friday off from school and tomorrow is Presidents’ Day, so we’ve been enjoying the long four-day weekend. After a terrible few months in Southern California, our COVID numbers are improving and things are slowly starting to open up again. Mike and I are extremely relieved that his parents and my parents have received their first round of the vaccine. Getting an appointment for my parents felt like trying to buy concert tickets, but WAY more stressful. I’d have my computer ready to go a few minutes before the new appointments were released, and then when the time came I’d constantly refresh the appointment website, trying to find two empty spots for them. Mike’s parents actually get their second dose this week! We’re hoping that once they’ve been given the all-clear by their doctors, we can go visit them. We haven’t seen them since Christmas 2019 and we miss them terribly.

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Getting Healthy

Mike and I were not exactly the most active people during the first half of quarantine, and I have the tight pants and too-small belt to prove it. We decided to get serious about getting back in shape a few months ago. I gave Mike a Fitbit for his birthday and he is obsessed with hitting his step and fitness goals every day. He and Annie go for daily long walks around the neighborhood and it’s become a special time for them. I, on the other hand, need exercise to be fun. James and I will pop one of our Just Dance games into the Nintendo and an hour will fly by before I know it. A couple weeks ago, Nintendo sent me Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise to try out (thank you, Nintendo!) and it is so. much. fun. I thought that it was just going to work my arms but I could not have been more wrong. After completing a workout, my entire body has been put through the paces! After two weeks of playing, I can see and FEEL the difference – my stamina is back, my arms feel stronger, and my pants are a liiiiiittle bit looser. Nintendo suggested alternating Just Dance and Fitness Boxing 2, which I did at first but I’ve become so into the boxing that I now do it every day. Mike makes fun of me but I don’t care. It’s way more fun than just regular old walking!

I hiiiiiiighly recommend it for anyone looking to get active but stay safe inside.

Fun Finds

~Annie loves these hydrocolloid pimple patches because they’re shaped like stars. They definitely make pimples cute, and Annie says they work great.
~Target has 20% off furniture through Presidents’ Day!
~Speaking of sales, Anthropologie has 50% off sale items, Cotton On is also offering 50% off sale items, and Nike has up to 40% off. Yay, sales!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there!