We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We spent Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law Monica’s house, where we had a great time eating, laughing, and opening presents. On Christmas morning, the kids woke up bright and early (of course). We hosted my parents, brother, and aunt for presents and breakfast. And after a morning and afternoon of playing with new toys, it was off to my parents’ house for a delicious Christmas dinner. Everything was relaxed and lovely and perfect. I hope all of you who celebrate had as nice a day as we did!


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Bye 2018

I mean…what is there to say about this garbage bin of a year? It was a bad year for our country, a horrible year for my hometown, and an all-around nightmare for countless others. My family at least had a bright spot with the birth of our sweet chunkalicious Harper Alice. I hope that 2019 is better for everyone in every way imaginable.

Heather and Harper

Happy Sunday and see you next year!!!