I’m sad that Christmas is over, although we made the most of our week off. The month of December is always so crazed, and in past years I’ve felt like we didn’t get to enjoy the decorations or festivities. This year, we ate breakfasts by the tree, had friends over, and I was able to get all of my homemade Christmas presents done with time to spare. Our presents were even wrapped two days early – a first for us!

christmas 2014

The past week has flown by, and tomorrow it’s back to (working) life for Mike and me. Lucky Annie is still on winter break, so I’m hoping to get some fun playdates and other activities scheduled for my social butterfly. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday week!

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Everything’s Coming Up Ponies

~Annabel never suffers from post-Christmas letdown for long because she knows as soon as it’s over, she can start talking about her birthday. This year she’s completely obsessed with My Little Pony and as such, has requested a Pony-themed bonanza. After listing off about 300 things she wanted at the party (including, but not limited to, live ponies), I sat her down with my iPad opened to an MLP Pinterest search and told her to pin away. It was actually really interesting to see what she picked out, and giving her the party she wants should be easy for me – other than the live ponies, because no.

~I was very into My Little Pony when I was a kid, which Annabel is not impressed by because I remember absolutely nothing about them. Not that it would matter, because apparently the current MLP universe is completely different from its 80s counterpart. Every now and then I’ll check out the My Little Pony Wiki and throw out random facts at Annabel. Like, “Hey Annabel, did you know that Pinkie Pie’s real name is Pinkamena Diane Pie?” or  “Hey Annabel, did you know that Alicorns have both a unicorn horn and Pegasus wings?” “Did you know that Pegasus is a proper noun but unicorn is not?” My Little Pony makes me feel like I’m drunk.

“No Boys Allowed…Except James”

~Annabel has also expressed a desire for her birthday party to, “Only have girls – except for James.” I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it cuts the guest list (and my budget!) in half. On the other, I’m sad because I wasn’t expecting boys to get the boot until elementary school. I’ve actually been holding off on sending the evite with the hope that she’ll change her mind, but she’s certain. I just remind myself that there are lots of boys she plays with, and what she wants this year isn’t necessarily what she’ll want next year. James and Mike will have to represent the Brony contingent at the party, I’m sure they’re up to it.

Happy Sunday, everyone!