I can’t believe it’s the last weekend of 2015! This year has that strange mix of feeling like it went very fast, but when I think about specific events it seems like they were ages ago. I have big hopes for 2016, and I hope it’s a wonderful and prosperous year for all of you!

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Under Pressure

I got a few Amazon Gift Cards for Christmas, so the first thing I did was order myself an Instant Pot, and I’ve been adding some cookbooks to my Kindle. I’m starting a Whole30 on January 4th, so I downloaded Paleo Pressure Cooker, Quick and Easy Paleo, and then just a regular pressure cooker book that has great reviews. I’m excited/nervous to try it when it arrives on Wednesday. If anyone has a pressure cooker I would love some advice/favorite recipes!

The Force Awakens

Don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers here! Mike and I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Monday and we both really liked it. I think even the most casual Star Wars fan will enjoy it. After hearing us talk about it, Annabel asked if we would show her the original trilogy. She was totally into it, so Mike took her to see the new movie yesterday. At almost six years old we thought she could handle it, and she looooved it. At over two hours, it’s the longest movie she’s seen in the theatre and she got a little squirmy, but overall it was a great experience for her (Mike said he had to explain a few confusing things but she remembered all of the important plot points from the other movies). If your kids like the original trilogy, this movie will be great for them!

Annie and Yoda

Costumes obviously heighten the movie-going experience.

Happy Sunday, everyone!