With the next two Sundays being holidays, this will be my last Surfing Sunday of 2016 (and my last post until after Christmas)! I’m very glad this dumb year is over. My kids have started their winter breaks — Annabel gets two weeks off and James gets three. Luckily, Mike is off this week, too, so we’ll get lots of great family time in. I like that we have the whole week before Christmas off, I actually don’t feel stressed or rushed to fit everything in and get everything done. Although…ask me again on Friday if I’m stressed!

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7 Days Left

Okay guys…here are my last suggestions for gifts this year. There’s still a week left to shop for Christmas and Hanukkah!

For Photo Buffs

I absolutely LOVE my pocket spotlight. It’s supposed to be used with cell phone cameras, but I actually use it with my big camera, too! I also have this light ring that clips onto my phone, and it’s really great for portraits and selfies. I’m also coveting this HD lens that can fit over a phone’s camera lens…it looks amazing.

For Food and Wine Lovers

I wish I’d had this battery-operated corkscrew when I was a bartender, it would have made my job a lot easier! This magnet loft is awesome for bottles with metal bottle caps. Beatles fans will love a yellow submarine tea infuser. My kids would stand in front of the microwave the whole time to watch this popcorn popper in action.

For Kids Who Like To Laugh

I kind of want this bank for myself. This dancing robot claims to entertain kids AND pets, and since my kids are still entertained by laser pointers I think it’s a safe bet that they’d like this, too. They’d also like these light up gloves for the exact same reason. An updated Magic 8 Ball will make kids laugh (and parents cry). Pokemon fans will love listening to their favorite tunes out of this pokeball speaker.

Batteries Not Included

One thing I always include with gifts is batteries, because it’s always a bummer when you can’t use a present. I also stick extra battery packs in everyone’s stockings — you can never have enough batteries, amirite? I love the Energizer Max batteries because they last forever AND they have leak protection. We’ve had a few toys ruined by leaky batteries and there was sooooo much drama. Toys cost WAY too much for that to happen. AND Energizer has a bunch of great deals right now at local retailers, so be sure to check them out before you shop. (Energizer sponsored this but I 100% love them and have used their batteries for years!).

Ideas From YOU!

I would love to know your stocking stuffer ideas! I always struggle in this department. Kids, adults, everyone! Help!

From Us To You

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Happy Sunday, everyone!