Last Monday, we celebrated Mike’s birthday and tomorrow we celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. Our Decembers are always crazy with celebrations, but it’s a good problem to have! I need to finish up all of my Christmas prep this week before the kids are home on winter break. Mike is also taking two weeks off of work, and I’m really looking forward to all of us being together. It’s so rare for us to have extended time together in our own home. Mike has big plans for working around the house, and I have big plans for not driving to a million different practices and games. Two weeks where our time is our own! How novel.

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Spohr Solos

Last week the kids had their seasonal choir performance. They each had a solo, which was exciting. James had a line in a spoof of the “12 Days of Christmas” (the 12 Dogs of Christmas, lol), and Annie sang “Silver Bells.” They sounded amazing, I was so proud of both of them. It’s hard to get up and sing in front of the whole school and all the parents!

Fun Finds

~A Harry Potter cookbook!!! I need someone I know to get this and then make me things from it.
~These lightsaber chopsticks would be cool to just keep in your purse for when you need a lightsaber. Hey, you never know.
~LOL there are a LOT of people I would like to get this wine bottle puzzle lock for, with the caveat that I’d get to see them try to unlock it. After they’ve already had some wine.

Happy Sunday, everyone!