We celebrated Mike’s birthday last week! Like everything else in 2020, we didn’t celebrate like we normally do, but we still made the best of it! We got takeout from a couple of his favorite restaurants, and of course, we also had an ice cream cake. Here’s hoping his next trip around the sun is a lot better for everyone!

He’s Spohrty-Five!

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Fun Finds

~I ordered a “cordless auto hair curler” for Annie for Christmas and I’m having a really, reeeeeally hard time not giving it to her early so I can play around with it.
~Last month, we were gifted Mario Kart Circuit from Nintendo (Thank you, Nintendo!), and we are all obsessed with it. You drive a real (toy-sized) kart around your house that you control with your video game controller. The kart has a camera on it so you can control the kart using the game screen. It’s a trip to see a Nintendo-version of your house!

We’ve had so much fun setting up courses for each other. I highly, HIGHLY recommend getting it as a fun family gift! (Amazon has it, but Target sells it for less when it’s in stock!)
~The kids always give Mike a game for his birthday, but this year they gave him TWO! They’re fun and perfect for quarantine. James picked out this sling puck game, and Annie chose tabletop curling. So far, I am the overall champion of curling, but no one can beat Annie on sling puck!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Please stay safe out there.