I am just…so glad November is over. November 2018 can absolutely suck it. My sweet town is doing what it can to heal after the shooting and the fires (which I will write about this week). We’ve done our best to keep things as normal as possible for my kids. They were out of school for 18 days, which was a challenge, but their school did a tremendous job of easing them back into regular life. Whatever “regular” is these days…I’m honestly not sure.

In far better news, today is Mike’s birthday!!! Hurray for another wonderful year of our wonderful Mike. The kids and I are so happy to celebrate and spoil him. Happy birthday to the best daddy and husband ever! We love you!!!

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Practically Perfect

My brother invited me to the world premiere of the movie “Mary Poppins Returns,” and you guys, it’s so sweet. It keeps the spirit of the original while still being a completely lovely sequel that stands on its own. Emily Blunt is FANTASTIC and Lin-Manuel Miranda looks like he’s never had more fun in his whole life. I can’t wait to see it again with Annie and James when it’s released in a few weeks. I’ll write-up my after-party experience this week, because it was everything I’d imagined it would be!


Fun Stuff

~I’ve tried a lot of different massage tools, but this back buddy that my friend Jen introduced me to is amazing.
~This hands-free light is good for anyone who likes to read at night, or could maybe use some extra light when they’re sewing or doing other crafty things with both hands.
~A great gift for a person who loves coffee and is also dead inside.
~This stuffed animal sewing kit will be perfect for Annie!
~If your kids are obsessed with American Ninja Warrior (like mine), this kit can turn your backyard into a personal ninja course. If we had grass in our backyard we’d be all over it!!

Happy Sunday, everyone!