James is usually a nut-job at Annabel’s weekly dance class. It helps that there are other younger siblings in the waiting room, but I’ve still spent the majority of every class trying to settle James down. This last week, however, he seemed to have turned a corner. He normally has no interest in playing with Cait, my friend Tara’s daughter (her daughter, Molly, takes the class with Annabel), but when he saw her this week he ran right up to her and said, “HI CAIT!” They played together the entire class, and she even got him to sit down and enjoy a snack. Basically, I need Cait around James 24/7.

cool kids hanging out

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Decorating Our Home

~We’ve decided this is the year we’re going to get an inflatable Christmas decoration for our yard. A bunch of our neighbors have them, so we’re joining in! Mike wants the Gingerbread Helicopter, Annabel wants Santa’s Pirate Ship, and I’m leaning toward the classic Santa and his sleigh…although I’m secretly hoping that when we go to Home Depot later there will be something totally outlandish and ridiculous that I can talk everyone into!

Gift-Giving Ideas

I think of all sorts of gift ideas when I’m in the shower – random, I know. But it’s fun to think of what I’d get for different “personalities.” I hope these ideas help you!

For the Cozy Pal – to her, snuggling is an Olympic sport.
~Comfy leggings and a top she’ll love to lounge in.
~A fuzzy blanket to curl up under.
~Warm slippers that keep her tootsies toasty.
~A heated toilet seat because LOL.

For the At-Home Spa Loverevery day is Treat. Yo. Self.
~A cute shower cap because you gotta look goooood.
~High-intensity lotion literally amazing.
~A pedicure kit and nail polish so she sparkles.
~Teddy Bear Bathrobe FOR ADULTS YOU GUYS.

For the Music Loverthis person has a life soundtrack.
~Musical Ornament for that holiday playlist.
~Sound-focusing headphones technically geared to gamers but the sound is incredible.
~A subscription to Spotify assuming they don’t already have one.
~A Rolling Stone subscription to keep up on music and culture.

For the Lazy Cookthe person who wants to make a nice dinner, but doesn’t have a lot of time (aka me).
~Pressure cooker cook meals in a fraction of the time.
~Pressure cooker cookbook because obviously.
~Herb scissors genius!
~An immersion blender I am obsessed with mine.

For the Creative Kidencourage that glorious imagination.
~Stop-motion animation set I know a little girl getting this…
~Aircraft Engineer such a cute book and set.
~Literally anything from Seedling they have such cute, clever products
~An origami kit to help with those fine motor skills.

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Happy Sunday, everyone!