It’s been a very long, very emotional two weeks. November 7th and 8th marked one year since the mass shooting and wildfires rocked my hometown of Thousand Oaks. The city created a “Healing Garden” as a permanent memorial to 12 lives lost in the Borderline mass shooting. I went there on November 8th, the day after it opened. It’s a beautiful, peaceful spot that’s tucked behind a library, next to a pond. There are 12 granite benches to represent each person, and in the water there are 12 small water spouts.

As I sat on a bench watching turtles sun themselves on rocks, my mind went to my Maddie and her birthday. She should have turned 12. Twelve lives, twelve years. Life is so unfair. Three days after Maddie’s birthday, there was YET ANOTHER school shooting, this time at a high school just 27 miles away. These horrifying tragedies are always gut-punches, but having one so close to home just days after the anniversary of my own city’s tragedy…it was really hard for so many of us. I hate when parents enter this horrid club of child loss, especially when it’s something that could be prevented. It truly makes me sick to my stomach. I am so tired of this! Why isn’t EVERYONE?!

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A Whole Lotta Knock-Knock Jokes

The book Mike and I wrote, A Whole Lotta Knock-Knock Jokes: Squeaky Clean Family Fun comes out on TUESDAY! AHHH! It should be available in all bookstores, and of course there’s always good ol’ Amazon if you want to procure the book without leaving your house. I wouldn’t blame you, leaving the house is extremely overrated.

Fun Finds

~I’ve got so many Christmas presents in different carts on different websites, but I’m waiting until Black Friday and Cyber Monday to purchase just in case anything goes on sale. Amazon has a ton of cute clothes – look how cozy and soft this pullover looks? I would hug anyone wearing it.
~Also, this striped sweater comes in a bunch of colors, several people on my list will be getting different versions of it!
~OMG please look at the “cocoonsie.” LOOK AT IT! I’m cracking up. It’s like giant pants. They are so absurd, so of course I’m getting one for Mike.

Happy Sunday and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!