I can’t believe Thanksgiving is on! My kids don’t have school at all this week, which has never happened before. We’re going to fill the extra time with playdates and sleepovers and I’m sure I will be very, VERY ready for a vacation by the time Thanksgiving arrives. We’re spending the long holiday weekend with Mike’s family and I’m looking forward to relaxing and having a good time with family.

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Little Bakers

Last week, I helped Annabel’s class make pumpkin bread. For the kids, it was an exercise in math and kindness (they made bread for the school staff). It was so messy and sticky, but the kids really enjoyed themselves. I also had to laugh at how the teacher had broken down the recipe so that each kid put part of an ingredient in (for example, if it called for a cup of something, each kid put in 1/4 cup). It was good teamwork…I don’t know how good the bread tasted, though!

making pumpkin bread

Black Friday

How many of you are going shopping on Black Friday? It’s not something I’ve ever done – the day after Thanksgiving I am usually laying on the floor like a beached whale, moaning softly – but I am thinking about it this year. Where are some of your favorite places to shop that have good deals?

Happy Sunday, everyone!