Happy almost-Thanksgiving! Mike and I have a busy week ahead of us. We’re heading to Portland, Oregon to appear on two shows on Tuesday to promote The Toddler Survival Guide! So if you’re in the area, look for us on AM Northwest and Afternoon Live. After we film, we’re flying back to LA, then packing up the kids and Schuyler to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Mike’s family. After what’s been an incredibly busy and emotional two months, I’m really looking forward to arriving at Mike’s parents’ house and just chilling out. Which I know will be impossible with five kids and a dog around, but a girl can dream.

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Cool Gifts

~If you know a crazy Beatles fan, The Christmas Records vinyl box set is a pretty legit gift.
~If you have a Potter-loving child who also has some 18-inch dolls (like me!), check out this cool Hermione Granger doll outfit.
~If you have just about any video game system, my kids are obsessssssed with Just Dance 2018. They got to play it a couple weeks ago and both have it at the top of their wish lists. I have to admit, it’s really fun.


I took Annie and her bestie to a sneak peek of Disney/Pixar’s new movie, Coco. I knew almost nothing about it going in and it grabbed me from the moment it started. It’s visually stunning, with beautiful music (co-written by the songwriter duo behind Frozen) and a wonderful story that emphasizes the importance of family and heritage. It’s perfect for this time of year, and I highly recommend it, as do Annie and her bestie, who both were so moved at times that they cried. I love them.

Happy Sunday, everyone!