I came across some dress fabric with an Anna/Elsa from Frozen print on it and knew I had to get it, even if I’d never done anything with that sort of fabric before. I thought I’d sew it into a simple dress, and got enough fabric to make two: one for Annabel and one for her friend Molly, who is having a Frozen birthday party today. Annabel’s dress became my prototype. After I sewed it, I realized it could use some straps. I used matching ribbon for the straps and put loops on the back to run the straps through so the dress could be tightened. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, not bad for a first attempt!

easy Frozen dress

tie-back Frozen dress

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Thanksgiving Eats

~We always spend Thanksgiving with Mike’s family, which is great but it means we have no leftovers. The best part of Thanksgiving is eating the leftovers all week! I usually make a crock pot turkey when we get home, but I was thinking of mixing it up this year. I came across this article, How to Spatchcock a Turkey, and I’m intrigued. Has anyone done this? I need the 4-1-1 on this method because I kind of want to try it.

Tailored Taylor

~So…Santa Claus…is bringing Annabel tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert, but since the show isn’t until August, I thought Santa should also bring Annie something a little more concrete to unwrap with the tickets. I was looking around for Swifty stuff and I fell down a hilarious Etsy wormhole. Did you know you can buy Taylor Swift prayer candles? Or Taylor Swift earrings (literally her face on your ears)? You can also get T Swift nail decals, a Taylor emoji painting, and this interesting Swift/Frozen mashup. In short, I have no idea what Santa will bring Annie, but that’s his problem.

Toys For Toddlers

I’ve been looking for Christmas presents for my little guy, and here are a few that caught my eye.

~Radio Flyer Ride 2 Glide Scooter


~Talking animal hand tattoos

~Gears! Gears! Gear! James loves this set at our parent/child class.

~He’s also obsessed with this musical marble tree.

~This Bender Tee is legit.

~Pretty much this entire outfit (P.S I just saw Gap is having a HUGE sale right now, 40% off plus free two-day shipping, use code CHEER at checkout!)

Happy Sunday, everyone!