Last night before bed, Annabel said, “Please don’t tell me it’s the end of Halloween.” It’s a hard pill to swallow for the kids, but we were helped by an extra hour of sleep (thanks, Daylight Savings) and our annual tradition of buying clearance costumes at Target the day after Halloween. Everything is 50% off or more in the store (not online), so if you like to restock your dress up chest like we do, head down to Target ASAP. Annabel picked a Snow Queen and an evil vampire, and James picked Spiderman and Finn from the new Star Wars movie.

Finn and the Snow Queen

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Think Ink

Just heard about this cool service called Momentary Ink that will make you a custom temporary tattoo of any design you’d like. You can also search their existing gallery, or have one of their artists design something for you. It’s marketed toward people who want to “test drive” a tattoo before getting it permanently, but I see lots of cool potential in this. Like, obviously I’m going to give my whole family a tattoo of my face for Christmas.

Class of Cats

All of the girls in Annabel’s class are OBSESSED with cat accessories. It cracks me up every morning to see what the girls are wearing. Annabel has a couple of headbands but I spent some time this week ordering accessories that we can give to her friends for upcoming birthdays. Is this just a thing with Annabel’s friends, or is this typical of 5-7 year olds?

~Black cat hat with ears
~Sparkly cat ear headband
~Cat ears beanie
~Cat ear bracelet
~Cat gloves
~Cat leggings
~Cat glasses

Happy Sunday, everyone!