Yesterday, I took family photos for some of my favorite people. My kids were my assistants…Annabel held a reflector for me, and James provided a comedy routine to keep everyone smiling. At the end, my kids jumped in with their besties for this cute picture:

Friends forever

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Christmas Shopping

I know. It’s barely November! But I’m trying this thing where I shop a little bit at a time so I don’t lose my mind. I got one thing for each kid this week:

~James is getting this cool code-a-pillar.
~Annabel will soon be the proud owner of a Hatchimal.
~Liam is going to be a dancing machine with a light-up musical mat.

Get Out The Vote

~Americans!!! Tuesday is the most important day of the year (besides my birthday)! If you haven’t voted early, please vote on November 8th! Exercise your right to vote for the kind of country you want to live in.

Happy Sunday, everyone!