Yet another crazy week, this one defined by local wildfires. One of the fires was close enough to us that schools were closed for a few days. We had a lot of friends who needed to evacuate, and there was a thick layer of smoke overhead that created an eerie, unsettling light. The kids were terribly disappointed that the school closures fell over Halloween, so they didn’t get to wear their costumes for their classmates or enjoy any of the fun parties that usually happen at school. But they were also thankful that we were safe and none of their friends lost anything. And we still had a fun Halloween! The wind shifted at sundown, blowing the smoke away and allowing us to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood without issue. We’re so grateful to the incredibly hard-working firefighters who prevented the fire from crossing the highway and destroying homes!

Annie and James’ Halloween costumes summed the two of them up perfectly: James is the joker and Annie is alllllll about the drama, LOL.

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Fun Stuff

~The day after Halloween, James sat down with a few toy catalogs we’d received in the mail and started writing his Christmas list. Normally I’d be like, “slow your roll, respect the Turkey” but it was good printing practice for him! He unsurprisingly wanted some video games (I don’t blame him for wanting Luigi’s Mansion 3, I want it, too!) but he mostly asked for books! He’s very into the Captain Underpants and Dog Man books. Not my personal cup of tea but if he wants to read I am ALL for it!
~Annie is a VERY lucky girl – her Uncle Kyle is taking her to the Frozen 2 premiere this week! We went shopping this weekend to get her a new dress to wear, and after trying on a dozen great dresses, she finally settled on this pretty pink number. I’m so excited for her, she’s going to have a blast.
~I ordered Annie a beginner’s guide to hand lettering to put in her Christmas stocking…but I might have to review it first and take it for a test drive.
~Just your friendly reminder that the new book Mike and I wrote, A Whole Lotta Knock-Knock Jokes: Squeaky Clean Family Fun, is available for pre-order right this very minute!

Happy Sunday, everyone!