Friends! The Spohr house hasn’t been this busy since February. We’ve been carefully and cautiously venturing out into the world, trying to remember what the “real” world is like. Our county is doing very well containing Covid-19, so well that the schools will be opening in a week and some youth sports are back (with modifications). Yesterday for Halloween, several of our neighbors had candy out on tables near the sidewalk. Annie and James walked around with Mike and I stayed back in our yard to play Halloween music and monitor the candy (and dance because duh). It was the most normal night we’ve had in ages!

James and Annie as crewmates from the video game Among Us.

And of course, I can’t forget to remind everyone reading this in the United States to VOTE! Get your ballots in, go to the polls, exercise your right to vote!! Do it for me (and RBG)!

(Now imagine me dancing on my lawn to Monster Mash dressed like this)

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Fun Finds

~For my niece Harper’s birthday, we got her a whole trunk of dress-up clothes. We combined this set and this set and I was really pleased with the quality of the clothes!
~This stuffed animal “breathes.” I personally am creeped out by that but every little kid I know with one of these thinks they’re “sooooo cute.”
~Everyone who loves Thanksgiving needs to get one of these (I got one for my mom for her birthday LOL).

Happy Sunday, everyone! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!