Remember how last Sunday I was like, “I’m going to get my life back on track this week!” And remember that old expression, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” Welp, there’s lots of laughing happening because this past week was NUTS for me! It was a mix of fun things (like going to James’ field trip at the pumpkin patch or working at Annie’s school carnival) to bad things (my freezer broke and I had to throw away so much food) to AMAZING things (I went to a World Series game!!!!) So here’s to *hoping* that this week is slightly less-crazy, although with Halloween on Tuesday I don’t know how likely that is!!!

James loves these giant slides more than anything…I think he went on this one 30 times, no joke.

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The World Series

I haven’t written anything about the World Series yet…mostly because I am intensely superstitious when it comes to sports. As a baseball fan, I am glad that both teams in the series are so good and well-matched. Every game has been exciting! As a Dodger fan, I am of course rooting for my boys in blue to win it all, but if we have to lose I’m glad it will be to a team as deserving as Houston. They’ve had an incredible season AND they’ve never won a championship before. But with all that being said, GO DODGERS!

Planning Ahead

~If you know a little girl who loves LOL Surprise dolls, Amazon has the giant surprise ball in stock. I grabbed one for Annie for Christmas!
~I’m totally intrigued by this “Smart Cycle” for preschoolers. I like anything that could make James tired, but I wonder if it’s worth the price?
~In case you missed it, Amazon released their 2017 holiday toy list.
~Halloween costumes will be 50% off at Target on November 1! Stock up your dress-up chest.
~The Toddler Survival Guide is on sale on Amazon right now! It makes a fabulous gift at the holidays!

Happy Sunday, everyone!!!