Have we put up any Halloween decorations yet? Nope. It’s been that kind of month. But we did finally do that pumpkin patch thing this weekend…in the 92-degree heat. I was melting but at least the kids had fun! And we got some cute pictures of the grandkids for my mom, which we always try to do in honor of her birthday, which was last week. Happy birthday, mom!!

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I Don’t Know What To Be For Halloween

I have exactly four days to figure out what I’m going to be for Halloween. I was going to be chill this year but apparently, when you always wear a costume to your kids’ school, they expect you to wear one. Annie says I should be a “VSCO Girl,” which is basically just dressing like I did in the 80s. James, on the other hand, thinks I should be a dog. So…I don’t know. I’m not feeling the inspiration this year like I usually do!

Fun Finds

~I need it to stop being 90 degrees around here so I can wear a comfy cardigan like this one.
~These pajamas look so cute and comfy. Just watch, I’ll order a pair and then it will stop being 90 degrees, LOL.
~Um hi have you pre-ordered my new book yet? Are you even my friend? A Whole Lotta Knock-Knock Jokes: Squeaky Clean Family Fun is just sitting there on Amazon, waiting for you to order it.
~This foaming face mask gives the “zombie” face mask a run for its money.

Happy Sunday, everyone!