Mike was invited to a fun event yesterday on the Universal Studios lot. The stars and hosts of Top Chef Junior and American Ninja Warrior kids were there, and MY kids were in HEAVEN. They got to try different kinds of food made by the tiny chefs, and they were even able to compete on a Ninja Warrior course! I was especially excited when Annie and her bestie got to meet Laurie Hernandez. It’s not every day you get to meet an Olympian! She was as sweet and awesome and you’d hope.

Man, my kids are lucky.

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Fun Finds

~I really like fidget toys, but several of the ones we have a super-noisy (which defeats the purpose). I like this bike chain-style toy because it’s almost totally silent!
~When I wear my contact lenses, I need reading glasses (getting old is dumb). I love these readers that fit in my wallet!
~I flew next to someone this week who had one of these neck pillow hoodies and man…he looked comfortable.

Happy Sunday, everyone!