Thank you all for the love, prayers, and good wishes for Annabel! She is doing SO WELL and should be fine to resume all of her regular activities tomorrow. It was a stressful week, one that I don’t think has fully hit me. James had a lot to do with that – on Tuesday morning, the kid got frighteningly pale, fainted, and then threw up when he came to. You may remember that he did something similar a few years ago and scared the daylights out of us. This time, he was responsive much sooner. The common thread in both incidents is that he’d just woken up, which indicates a vasovagal response (aka, fainting). My mom and I are champion fainters, so he comes by it honestly.

But I could reeeeeeally use my kids not having medical emergencies in the same week. These last seven days took years off my life.

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With the holiday season coming up fast, I would like to humbly ask that any of you who shop via Amazon consider using Amazon Smile to benefit Friends of Maddie. When you shop via Amazon Smile, a portion of the total purchase is donated to the charity of your choice. It’s a great, easy way to help families suffering through the loss of a child. Thank you in advance for your support!

Fun Finds

~I can’t say enough good things about these silicone scrubbers. They are amazing and everyone needs like 5 of ’em.
~I just ordered a “tank top organizer” for my closet because I have too many tank tops and not enough hangers.
~I’ve been looking for a pair of yoga/exercise pants that have a pocket, and I came across this pair with promising reviews. Does anyone have a rec for a pair they love?

Happy Sunday, everyone!