Time is flying – somehow, the sweet baby of the family, Harper, is two years old today! She’s so sweet and such a FORCE. With Annie and James refusing to stop growing older, my niece turning 11 last month, and my nephews in their teens, it’s really fun to have a toddler (and her 4.5 year old brother) in our lives. Sometimes I get a little sad that my kids are 10 and seven, but that quickly passes when I remember I no longer have to change their diapers. A few weeks ago I came across a storage bin full of Annie’s clothing that I hadn’t realized I’d saved. It was all 3T and 4T sizes, perfect for passing on to Harper. I can’t wait to see that sassy little girl wearing her sassy cousin’s clothes.

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Fun Finds

~These neck gaiters are so pretty and soft, but if you get them make sure you double them over for the proper amount of protection.
~If you haven’t yet, you need to RUN to Target and get some of the AMAZING John Derian-designed Halloween decorations.
~Amazon Prime Day is October 13 & 14! This is when I get the majority of my Christmas shopping done.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there!