Mike has been in Palm Desert since Thursday night for the amazing three-day Desert Trip concert. The first night he (and my cousin Ted) saw Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, last night was Neil Young and Paul McCartney, and tonight is The Who and Roger Waters. Unsurprisingly, Ted and Mike have been raving about everyone they’ve seen. I came down to Palm Desert yesterday with the kids, and we’ve been hanging out with my aunt and uncle, plus Leah and yummy little Liam. We might not be seeing a once-in-a-lifetime concert, but we’re still enjoying ourselves!

Desert Trip
The Desert Trip stage.

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Sky High

Earlier this week I was invited to a very cool promotion for the upcoming movie, Keeping Up With The Joneses. We went to “Spy School,” where we learned some cool skills like how to expertly throw darts (my darts game is so good now, guys), and how to cook an amazing meal (risotto is now my go-to!). But, the thing I absolutely LOVED was going indoor skydiving. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was nervous that I might get motion sickness so I was a bit apprehensive. Luckily, I didn’t, because it ended up being so much fun. It seriously felt like I was flying, and I can totally see how people get addicted to jumping out of planes to get that feeling. I will NEVER jump out of a plane, but I could see myself doing the indoor version multiple times. The instructor even told me that kids as young as three can do it! So obviously, I am going to get James in there. Can you even image that little nut inside of a giant wind tunnel? He’d probably be doing flips by the end of the lesson! I’m really excited to see the movie now (it comes out October 21 and looks hilarious!)!

indoor skydiving
Flying with the instructor (I’m the one on the left).

Spooky Stuff

~This Psycho shower curtain is perfect for Halloween.
~I just ordered these 3D bat stickers for the house. They’re so cool!
~I’m tempted to get a screaming doormat but it seems like a mean thing to do to my UPS guy.

Happy Sunday, everyone!