This week felt like it was four months long. On top of all of the horrible things that happened in the country this week, Annabel is very sick with strep and pneumonia. We spent a lot of time in urgent care with her this weekend (why do kids always get sick on the weekends?), and we’ll be spending more time with Dr. Looove tomorrow. I’m trying not to spin out over Annie having pneumonia, but seeing her in a hospital bed getting a breathing treatment brought up some painful flashbacks. Hoping for a good visit with Dr. Looove on Monday.

At least she’s still in good spirits, my sweet girl.

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Halloween stuff

~This skull decanter is so cool. I never drink anything that needs to be decanted, but I’d take one for the team in this case.
~I think I need this skull cardigan.
~We just found a strong contender for Schuyler’s Halloween costume.

Happy Sunday, everyone!