Yay, it’s October, and now we have Halloween’s fake scariness to distract us from the world’s real scariness! Yay. The kids have both decided on their Halloween costumes, both of which require some degree of craftiness on my part. Annie’s has one element that is going to be particularly tricky (she’s going to be a zombie and there’s a very specific kind of…wound…she wants to have), so I’ll be spending the next two weeks trying to figure out how to pull it off. James’ costume mostly just requires me to find the different elements to construct it. Lucky for him, I’m an excellent Amazon.com shopper.

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A Cut Above

I know someone who is having a c-section soon, and she’s super-nervous (it’s medically necessary, not elective). I’ve given her all of my best tips but if you have a c-section tip, please leave a comment! And also tell her that c-sections aren’t scary and she’ll be just fiiiiiiiiine. Hurray for healthy moms and babies!

Fun Stuff

~I got a sample of this 15-in-1 leave-in hair treatment and OMG you guys – it’s amazing. My hair was so shiny and had so much body the first time I used it that I immediately ordered a full-size bottle. I highly recommend it!
~There’s soon going to be an Amazon Alexa for your car.
~I have the weirdest kids ever, because they are beggggging for this creepy swinging Halloween decoration…probably because they know no kids will walk past it, thereby giving us lots of leftover Halloween candy.

Happy Sunday, everyone!