It’s October, yay! I am excited to start putting up my Halloween decorations today. I haven’t had the best few weeks, so I am going to be working on getting my mojo back with some crafting this month. I always seem to fall away from the things that make me happy when I’m not doing well, so I’m determined to remedy that.

It does help to have this smiling face around so much, though. Love this goober.

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Fun Stuff

~The kids love listening to music, so we finally got them Bluetooth speakers for their bedrooms. Annie got this cute little pig, and James received the TV. The speakers are small but the sound quality is GREAT. Probably too great…because now I hear “Hamilton” blasting from Annie’s room, while James has Smashing Pumpkins at top volume in his room and NO I AM NOT KIDDING HE’S OBSESSED WITH SMASHING PUMPKINS. He’s four, what is my life.
~I got Annie one of those sequin mermaid pillow things, and James was SO UPSET that I didn’t get one for him. My bad. I didn’t know he’d want one! But good news, I ordered him a red and black one that comes tomorrow.
~If you love music mashups, you might become as obsessed with this site as I am.

Happy Sunday, everyone!