How is it already the last day of January? We’re having a rainy Sunday here in LA, and my kids are VERY excited to wear their rain boots to a birthday party. James looked out the window and screamed, “WATER! BOOTS ON, MOMMY!!!” My poor rain-deprived child.

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Be My Valentine

~My Best Friend Forever, Gwen Stefani, just released a line of makeup via Urban Decay and I wouldn’t be sad if I got some for Valentine’s Day.
~If you’re more into Galentine’s Day, these cute Besties shirts from one of my favorite retailers, Enjoy Essential, are perfect. They even have kid-sized ones! Ovaries before Brovaries!
~”I Woke Up Like This.” Damn straight!

The Claw

~Do your kids love that “claw” game at the arcade? Annabel is OBSESSED with it, and surprisingly, she almost always has immediate success winning a toy. Mike and I thought it was totally crazy how often she wins (like, nine times out of 10, on the first try), so Mike googled it and discovered claw games are totally rigged. Which isn’t a surprise, but they are like, really, really rigged. So, Annabel is just super-lucky!

claw champion
With the panda she pulled out yesterday

Happy Sunday, everyone!