My girl is officially 11! It was a far more mellow birthday than we’re used to around here, yet oddly familiar now that we’re almost a year into the pandemic. The big party we’d normally throw was replaced with Zoom calls and socially-distanced birthday wishes. She also got a haircut, which she was very excited about (and it makes her look so much older, wah).

Slow down, time!

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Fun Finds

~Annie has read all the Harry Potter books, so even though I couldn’t give her a big Hogwarts-themed birthday party, I was still able to bring a little bit of Hogwarts to her with a letter, some themed candy, and a snowy owl stuffy.
~She also asked for a bunch of fidget toys, so I got her this box full of them…I might have taken a few of the toys for myself. What can I say, the infinity cube is fun!
~We also gave her a ring light that she can use during Zooms for school, etc…and Mike and I might borrow it sometimes.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe and healthy out there.