The “beginning of school germ” invasion is knocking on our doorstep. I have puffy eyes and a stuffy nose, as does Annie. Hopefully, we’ll be able to nip these colds in the bud, before James and Mike come down with it. Back to school germs are the worst part of this time of year!

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The Toddler Survival Guide

~Another great review for the Toddler Survival Guide! Thank you, A Bookish Abode! We were also interviewed by Mom Talk Radio, and included on a list of books parents should read ASAP. If you haven’t ordered yours (or left a review) you can do so here!

Magical Things

~I want literally everything in this Pottery Barn Teen Harry Potter Collection. For myself, if that wasn’t obvious.
~Speaking of Harry Potter, this Golden Snitch fidget spinner is AMAZING.
~And this Time Turner necklace is going in my cart immediately.

20 Years

My 20th high school reunion is next weekend! In honor of that, here’s a TBT of my on my graduation day, way back in 1997.

Just a wee blonde baby.

Happy Sunday, everyone!