On Monday I developed a very sudden, very severe case of pink eye. My kids were at school for three days and *I* am the one who got pink eye. THANKS. It was really gross. First my eye turned bright red, then my cornea started swelling. If eye things gross you out, DO NOT GOOGLE corneal swelling because yikes. When I went to get my eye checked out, every single person who walked into the room went, “WOW!” as soon as they saw my eye. Always comforting! After like 87 different doctors examined my eye, took samples (I don’t want to talk about it), and checked to make sure there were no scratches, they diagnosed me with “acute conjunctivitis.” Why do gross eye things always happen to me?

This is the picture I texted all my friends, along with the message, “My eye is probably fine, right?” You’re welcome to EVERYONE that I didn’t share/post the picture of my corneal edema. *shudder*

As a palate cleanser, here’s a cute picture of James his teacher sent me.

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Long Weekend

I am really enjoying this long Labor Day weekend as it’s the last weekend where we don’t have sports. Starting next week, Annie has softball on Friday nights and Sundays, and James has soccer on Saturdays (don’t even get me started on their weekday schedules). I’m tired already! I hope all of you in the US are enjoying the long weekend as well. We’re very lucky that we’re able to spend these days relaxing!

Fun Stuff

~The Testaments, Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, comes out on September 10th and you’d better believe I already preordered it.
~My fingernails have never been the same since my bouts with Hyperemesis, but this nail strengthener is AMAZING. My mom has been using it for ages with amazing success, while I just started and can already see results. My nails are thicker, the ridges are going away, and they haven’t peeled since I started. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
~I bought this shirt on a whim – I needed to spend $10 more to get same-day delivery from Amazon – and I’m glad I did because it’s comfortable and super-cute and it was only twelve bucks!

Happy Sunday, everyone!