Texas friends, I haven’t been able to get you out of my heart and mind. I hope you all are okay and safe. As I scroll through my Facebook feed, I see I have friends being evacuated by boat, friends whose homes have flooded, and some who are (so far) still dry. Be safe, friends. We’re all thinking about you!

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We’re Number 1!

Yesterday we found out that The Toddler Survival Guide was the #1 hot new release in the “Fatherhood” category on Amazon! So exciting! Thank you to everyone who has sent us pictures of our book “in the wild.” It’s so much fun to see them! I hope you all are liking the book (and if you wanted to leave an Amazon review, we would be so appreciative!)!

First Week Down

We survived the first week of school. In our house, the first week of school makes everyone tired and cranky as we adjust to new schedules. It also didn’t help that we woke up before the sun yesterday for a garage sale. I am BEAT. But Annie is already looking forward to going back to school tomorrow, and James is BEYOND excited to meet his pre-k teachers this week. I am also excited —for my bed, tonight.

Happy Sunday, everyone!